Marcom Technologies Announces Newest Solution, Total Call

Results, Powered by InteractiveTel

Detroit, Mi – August 10, 2020 – Marcom Technologies Inc., the only phone training company to
listen to, critique and score every incoming sales and service opportunity call in automotive, is
excited to announce their newest telephony solution, Total Call Results, powered
by InteractiveTel.

By combining Marcom’s award-winning training and process with InteractiveTel’s real time
business intelligence, Marcom Total Call Results users will have access to the only solution that
combines leading technology with real-time training to increase client engagement across the

“This business partnership with InteractiveTel is one both Jack and I have been excited to
announce for quite a while now. InteractiveTel’s platform gives us the data we need to
effectively coach on all aspects of the phone, from the receptionist to the parts counter and all
departments in between,” said Chuck McGraw, Marcom’s CEO. “With Marcom Total Call
Results, we can analyze inbound and outbound calls to drive performance change. That’s why
we call it Total Call Results – a hybrid, the best of both worlds!”

Using Total Call Results, dealership management will have access to all recorded inbound and
outbound calls across every department. Fully tracked lines will measure the effectiveness of a
dealership’s advertising, as well as sales and service opportunities, with each call listened to,
analyzed and reported upon for performance. Afterward, coaching notes for employees and on-
site dealership coaching will be made available to capitalize on every call coming in or out of the

“Imagine accurate data in the hands of people who can make a difference and drive true, long-
term behavior change of employees. That’s a formula that can’t help but drive ROI for the
business,” says Jack Behar, CEO of InteractiveTel. “We have had clients using this solution for
over a year now to ensure we got everything right, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. We
are extremely excited with the results and we know our future clients will be as well.”

“For data to be useful you need to act on it. InteractiveTel provides us the information on what is
happening during our calls, while Marcom assists us with the process and training support
needed to sell more cars and write more service,” said Bryan Koser, director of marketing at

Germain Florida BMW, Lexus, Honda. “The Total Call Results solution has had a tremendous
impact on our business.”
For more information on Marcom Total Call Results and how it can help your dealership sell
more cars and write more service business, please visit

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About InteractiveTel:
InteractiveTel offers custom communication applications that provides dealers an end-to-end
telephony solution. Total Track is the only telephony system in the automotive space that
provides full accountability of every phone call and text traversing the dealership. Through the
use of the system, managers have a bird's eye view of what campaigns are working, how their
customers are treated, and how their employee interactions are impacting their bottom line. For
more information, please visit\

About ​Marcom:
Marcom, founded originally in 1986 and then again in 2014, is a 33-year-old company that
focuses on changing the behavior of sales and service teams. Marcom's training approach is an
adult learning model that focuses each training event on the best way people learn. Calls are
scored from baseline each and every day to track performance increases. Daily coaching notes
are sent to front line dealership employees and regular in-house training is provided by
Marcom’s experienced team from around the country. The “Club” is provided to clients so they
may listen to their own calls, as well as access a library of best practices. For more information
on Marcom Technologies please visit

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