My name is Chuck McGraw and I’m CEO of Marcom Technologies. I hope everyone is safe and healthy in these very interesting times we have going on in our society. I wrote this brief to provide a review of what we do at Marcom and how we can help you sell more cars and more service. We are blessed to have so many clients consider us one of their strategic partners, and if you’re looking for a way to make your people better on the phone, I hope you will consider us.
Who is Marcom? Marcom was the first company ever to record calls in the Auto Industry. We began back in the mid 80’s. The company was based on a simple concept: one-time training events are costly, and seldom do they provide the behavior change needed to make the participant consistently better at performing their job. Therefore, the return on investment is simply not there. So, who is Marcom today? A proprietary process that uniquely blends humans and technology together to drive behavior change and accountability with your people.
I believe there is a misconception in our industry that training alone can fix the performance problem of my people. While training is important, it’s only part of the solution. There is more needed—such as measurement and accountability to truly drive behavior change and therefore consistent performance.
Why Marcom Works: Marcom works because of the process and the people who implement it. In the era of technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc., Marcom strives for a close personal relationship with your business. To do this we have automobile people and advanced technology that blend together creating a hybrid process. A process that brings together in a unique fashion: quality training, measurement and accountability.
Technology is not the end-all be-all. Can it identify issues? Yes. Can it solve those issues? Probably not. “Technology alone, just like training alone, will find your pocketbook lighter without the long-term solution”

Our Process
Establish a baseline – We listen, critique, and score millions of calls a year. The baseline is the first scorecard and insight into whether things are getting better.
Staff Training – Marcom utilizes a proven training pedagogy called Guided Discovery. This method of training along with the scoring provides a unique process that covers the three ways people learn: see it, hear it, and do it. It is this process that opens people’s eyes to learning.
Daily Reporting – Every inquiry is monitored by Marcom’s experienced staff and scored according to the criteria the students learned during training. Daily reports are delivered to the dealership management team prior to the day starting. It will be one of the first emails in their inbox.
Daily Reviews – Sales and service teams receive coaching notes throughout the week. Our experienced coaches, all who come from the retail car business, will work with your employees consistently throughout the month.
Monthly On-Sites – Throughout your partnership with Marcom, we continue building our business relationship with you by connecting in person. During these visits we will work with both your management and sales teams to provide continuing education and enforcement of skills learned to ensure performance continually improves.
Monthly Reporting – Nothing is more critical in making sound business decisions that affect the bottom line than accurate data. At Marcom we pride ourselves in providing accurate data. Throughout the month, a variety of reports are sent to the management team tracking a variety of KPI’s.
In conclusion, Marcom provides you with a unique process that is designed to improve your people’s performance on the phone. We also provide an unwavering commitment to you: If you’re open, we’re open—helping your team strive for perfection.

Please stay safe!!

Chuck McGraw